To mark a successful launch of a brand new NFT marketplace Alium.Art organizes a contest for talented NFT creators with a total prize pool of $15,000. Digital artists worldwide will compete for rewards and get a unique opportunity to show off and sell their work. In addition, 100 best artworks will be selected for the finals, and a jury of professional NFT artists will evaluate their artworks and decide who will take the first place! Participants, who take the first 15 places, will get rewards in USDT and $ALM coins.

Meet our jury

One of our jury members is Oleg Soroko, a digital artist and architect from Russia. His background includes a deep understanding of classical and experimental art forms: He studied architecture at Moscow Architectural University and then founded his firm in 2015, doing primarily commercial interior design projects. But with time, his focus drifted to more personal art projects. He likes to experiment with modern technologies, including AR and VR, procedural generation, and artificial intelligence. He collaborated with big companies and artists in recent years, including IBM, Adobe, Olgivy & Mather, Joris Laarman. Oleg developed the concept of After-Form — creating forms with methods of parametric technologies. Some of his works remain part of the digital space, and some are embodied into physical objects, like clothing or furniture.

The next member of our Jury is Nikita Replyanski, who describes himself as an NFT cyber artist. He changed many professions in the art field and worked as a 3D artist and concept artist. But his main area of interest always was on the border of several fields of knowledge. He dissolves the barrier between prosthetics, fashion, and design, turning functional artificial limbs into art objects. Among his digital works — NFT collectible virtual toys, created with attention to the tiniest details, digital masks, and other forms of experimental art, often exploring connections between the digital world and our so-called reality.

One more member of our jury is a digital artist known under the name Slava Thisset. He has impressive experience of working for different companies from all over the world and from various industries. Among them are Apple, Adobe, Universal Music, Periscope, The North Face, etc. Often, he works with musicians, creating cover designs, videos, and other forms of art. He explores different digital art forms and developed a particular, very recognizable style, with vibrant neon colors and contrasts. For example, he takes a photo of the city where he lives now, Sochi, and turns them into neon art pieces. His bright personality reflects in many of his works, and his style influenced many digital artists of the next generation.

And the last member of our jury is Nina Hawkins (Ninocence), who describes herself as a multimedia artist and a virtual being with Russian and Vietnamese origins. Now she lives in Los Angeles and works on the intersection of entertainment, fashion, arts, and technology. Her expertise includes different digital art forms but is not restricted to it: she is a model, an actress, and a musician. As a photographer and videographer, she worked on international projects for such companies as Amazon Music, Nordstrom, and Mercedes-Benz, collaborated with Rick Ross and Teyana Taylor. Her works were exhibited worldwide and featured in Elle Vietnam, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, and others. But she doesn’t stop that: one of her newest projects includes incubating virtual beings of real people into the metaverse, experimenting with digitalizing people, and creating digital twins.

Now it’s your turn

Now you see that the best works will be chosen by true professionals. And here is one more thing to know: you — artists, collectors, and everyone passionate about modern digital art — will be able to watch this process as a live stream. We want to make the process of selecting winners transparent and enthralling at the same time. More details about where and when the live stream will be held are to be revealed soon. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get live updates and learn more about the contest.

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