The multi-chain platform from AliumSwap is set to change the world of DeFi!

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If you are looking for new ways of creating passive income, you’re not alone. Business minded people around the world are flocking over to the DeFi solutions to avoid the effects of inflation and maximize their earnings!

The development of DeFi completely changed the perception of users about the traditional economy and its possibilities. Big money earnings traditionally were mostly restricted to professional traders from Wall Street, bankers, and financial consultants. Recently, the creation of decentralized finance has opened unlimited earning opportunities for ordinary users. Today, millions of people choose DeFi for staking, which by its nature is analogous to bank deposits, liquidity farming, or lending.

Let’s see how one such advanced solution from AliumSwap can help users achieve financial independence!

Multi-chain exchange without overpayments in a few clicks

If you have ever faced the problem of exchanging tokens created on different blockchains, then you understand that this is not an easy task. As a rule, to complete such a transaction, the user must first transfer the tokens of one network, and then to the tokens of another project on another blockchain. Such an operation takes some time, and it also requires double or even triple fee payments. Sometimes the benefit would get completely erased by the cost or the length of this process.

The AliumSwap team had seen the issue with this process and decided to work on developing the solution for it: “We have been studying market problems for a long time and see a problem with token exchanges in various chains. That is why we have developed our own unique product AliumSwap. Users can exchange tokens between blockchains in one click by paying a minimum fee. Our native ALM token becomes an intermediate token in the exchange.”

In other words, the exchange flows from a token A on a first blockchain over to the ALM token. It immediately proceeds to be converted to a new token B which can be on a different blockchain! Users only need to be aware of one exchange as the whole process is automated and happens seamlessly behind the scenes.

The best part? The list of supported chains is not small. AliumSwap currently supports seven bridges: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Matic, Fantom Opera, Metis Andromeda, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and Aurora. There are more in development and soon will be added to this list. One major upgrade that is already in the development and nearing completion will be the addition of the EVM Bridges for Ethereum and HECO blockchains!

Passive income with Strong Holders Pool

We all know how convenient the bank deposit accounts are. Money deposited into accounts allows us to receive guaranteed payouts. Today, however, most bank deposits remain unprofitable due to rising inflation, and in some cases they’re even — negative!

If you are looking for new ways of creating passive income, you’re not alone. Business minded people around the world are flocking over to the DeFi solutions for that very reason.

The benefit from participation in token pools is obvious for the issuers as well. The Strong Holders Pool helps companies to avoid the rapid and massive token drain that often occurs after public coin sales.

There are currently 9 Strong Holders Pools in action, as there are limited spaces available not all of them can be currently joined but there is an active one that accepts new members!

Liquidity Migration

Liquidity migration is a great way for retail users to make additional money. The implementation of this feature on the Alium exchange is necessary so that users can easily transfer their liquidity from other DEXs to Alium. In return, users receive ALM tokens, which are already traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges today. After launching this feature, AliumSwap users can transfer their liquidity in the following directions:

  • The following exchanges are available for liquidity migration under the Ethereum protocol: Uniswap v2, Sushiswap
  • On Binance Smart Chain: Pancake, Bakeryswap, Biswap, MDEX, Pancakebunny, Rabbit finance, Pantherswap, Autoshark, Apeswap, Cashcow finance;
  • On the Polygon network: Quickswap, Honeyswap, Firebird Finance, Dfyn Network, Polycat finance, Polyyeld, Kogefarm;
  • At HECO: MDEX.
  • Fantom: SpookySwap, Spirit Swap
  • Metis: NetSwap,
  • Moonriver: Sushi Swap
  • Moonbeam: StellaSwap, beamswap
  • Near Aurora: NearPad,

These liquidity migration options are already available to users.


Summing up, we can conclude that AliumSwap allows users to quickly and easily earn money by providing liquidity or participating in the Strong Holders Pool. In addition, the launch of a multi-chain DEX allows you to transfer tokens from different blockchains in only a few clicks, saving money on paying fees.


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