Smart Staking Pools and Cross-chain Swaps for Your Business

Smart Staking Alternatives

Strong Holders Pool was developed as a tool to incentivize holding your token, not selling. For users, SHP became a mechanism to reward the strongest holders at the expense of Flippers.

  • Customize mechanics for your smart staking pool
  • Choose and set the rewards for the strongest holders
  • Boost your smart pools with cross-marketing opportunities
  • Place SHP on your platform or choose Smart Pools Marketplace
  • Design the frame and style of your Smart Pools

Cross-chain Swaps

AliumSwap has already launched multi-chain DEX on 9 blockchains. This time, the team introduced cross-chain swaps starting with Polygon, sequentially releasing other chains such as Fantom, Ethereum, HECO, Aurora, Metis, Moonbeam, and Moonriver.


There is no surprise that many businesses opt for external business solutions. Projects seek trust and security, as well as the profitability and reliability in such partnerships. Fortunately, AliumSwap is just one of those partners. It is one of the growing and most versatile platforms with unique smart staking alternatives, multi-chain options, hybrid liquidity features, and upcoming cross-chain swaps, that are very competitive in the cryptocurrency market.



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