Multi-chain DEX Solution by AliumSwap is Around the Corner

2 min readMay 31, 2022


The fastest, most efficient solution for swapping tokens in self-custody across blockchains is around the corner.

AliumSwap — New UX / UI

We’ve all heard stories about certain individuals making massive amounts of money in the crypto industry. Let’s be real — not everyone makes it but many really do! For any serious traders out there chasing their dreams, there is one important ingredient that cannot be skipped if they wish to follow the “how to get rich in crypto” recipe — it’s education. We want to ideally learn from other people’s mistakes and success stories. This makes it safer for us and also easier to succeed.

Sure, it was possible to trade between blockchains in the past. What was not possible was to do it efficiently — with just a few clicks! Many good trades never happened due to this fact.

AliumSwap is a multi-chain DEX with a Hybrid Liquidity feature that optimizes the whole trading process into a simple, streamlined trade in one place that takes just a few clicks! It really is that simple and also guaranteed to go through! Actually, this guarantee is something that deserves another explanation.

Getting a full control

Successful traders trust their tools. There’s no need to waste time or focus on technicalities when there’s such a short, limited time to react. Crypto markets move quickly so we need to be ready and trade at the right time.

We need to sleep peacefully knowing we have full custody of our coins. We need to trade with confidence knowing the trades will be completed. Lastly, we need the whole process to be really simple and easy.

AliumSwap is the fresh, new and unique solution that cryptocurrency traders needed.

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