Learn with Alium: Liquidity Migration & How to Use It

About Liquidity Migration

Liquidity migration is an ideal approach for retail consumers to generate extra money. If you have ever acquired or owned a coin in a protocol, you may be interested in liquidity migration and wish to shift your stake.

Here is the list of supported DEXes on AliumSwap:

BNB Chain: Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Biswap, MDEX, Pantherswap, Apeswap

How to Migrate Liquidity

For example, we have USDT/BUSD pair on PancakeSwap and we would like to migrate our liquidity to AliumSwap

Step 1. Go to AliumSwap DEX and choose ‘Migrate’

Step 2. Press ‘Connect’ and Connect your wallet

Step 3. Choose your liquidity pair in the dropdown menu

Step 4. Enter the amount of tokens and press ‘Migrate’

Remember that if your transaction didn’t go through, you need to try to increase the amount of gas.

Learn more about AliumSwap from our official channels:



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