Introducing the NFT Collection for the Alium.Finance Initial NFT Offering

Alium.Finance is pleased to announce a collection of NFT cards specially designed for the upcoming Public Round.

Allium.Finance x Illusorr

The Public Round collection features two exclusive NFTs created in collaboration with the world’s first design-oriented virtual platform lllusorr and digital artist Afterform.

Made with procedural innovation and futuristic aesthetics, Castus and Illustris represent a new language of art based on blockchain technologies.

The atmosphere of the cards plunges us into the future, where spaceships and avatars can travel across the planetary systems and discover new spaces of habitat.

The brilliant work of engineering nominated human civilization to a new level, where space and time become merely a condition, not a limitation.

Experience alternative worlds

Equipped with an avatar of hardened materials and a super-fast spaceship, we invite you to seamlessly become a part of worlds far removed from our own.

The first stop is a space station that recreates the Earth’s ecosystem. Being the cradle of the latest scientific investigations, Necesse is an attractive destination for those who want to be on the frontal deck of cutting-edge technologies.

Regno attracts people with unforgettable luxurious views and benefits its peerless financial system provides. This high-end metropolis is a utopian dream for a large part of humanity, but maybe you are the one who will become a pioneer in a world full of infinite possibilities?

Altum is otherworldly, with never-before-seen natural phenomena, plants, and creatures. But watch out — possessing the most precious resources, the planet keeps its secrets and dangers, which only the most daring and quick-witted can overcome.

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