Hey! Great things are coming in May!

2 min readApr 28, 2022


Work in progress for Alium team with announcements about some good things coming in May!

If you’re reading this, chances are you are a part of our community and if that is the case we want to say thank you for your patience. It will be rewarded! If you’re joining our community now, it’s the best time to do it. Thank you as we appreciate everyone’s support.

Don’t sleep on our team because our team is not sleeping on you. They were busy building and improving the technology that we are so proud of and that makes us unique in the market. You will start seeing a lot of improvements starting as soon as May! So what are we so excited about?

Multi-Chain DEX release

…or as we like to call it “a world of finance reDeFined”! It’s a real game changer! It’s a unique, fast and reliable DEX that will allow trading and swapping tokens in just a few clicks across 9 different blockchains. This DEX has a bright future ahead and it’s built upon our $alm token. We’re getting ready for an exciting, wonderful year! Join us if you haven’t already!

ETH — HECO Bridges

Once we release our multi-chain DEX our work is not done. We are upgrading the cross chain interoperability and building bridges with our partners. We have some amazing upgrades here as well. ETH and HECO are becoming a part of our financial ecosystem!

We also have two major announcements for our Cybercity project. This May we are reaching two important milestones.

Cybercity IDO and a Cybercity Marketplace release!

These will take Cybercity up to a new level! We will cover all the news more in detail in the coming days. Stay tuned and informed by following our social media accounts.

We are super excited about all this and grateful for the opportunity to see our community reaping some rewards and benefits from our hard work. If you’re as excited as we are — show us some love with emojis!


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