HECO now live on Alium.finance

The Alium Finance team is delighted to announce that the project is now officially working on the HECO.

The Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) is a decentralized and cost efficient public chain that Ethereum developers can easily get started with and one that provides smart contracts, which are seamlessly compatible. The chain is a versatile ecosystem developed specifically for DeFi, with wallets, assets, and applications rankings. The Huobi ECO Chain is fully decentralized and open as an ecology, where decentralized organizations, such as developer communities, technology alliances, and ecological alliances have emerged one after another and are open for cooperation.

The integration of operations of the Alium Finance project onto Heco is a significant step forward for the project that allows all community members to take advantage of the well-developed and highly user-friendly features and functions of the ecosystem.

Alium Finance welcomes all users and community members to take advantage of the integration and experience the advantages offered by the numerous applications of the DeFi economy.

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