Alium Smart Farming & Strong Holders’ Pools

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Alium Smart Farming

The First wave of ALM Farming with Strong Holders’ Pools is coming, with 5 million ALM to be farmed and Strong Held.

Launch Date: 8th of October 2021

Tokens Available for Farming: 5 000 000 ALM

3 Stages:

1st Stage: 15 Days — Highest Rewards (150%+ APR)

2nd Stage: 10 Days — Medium Rewards (131%+ APR)

3rd Stage: 9 Days — Basic Rewards (40%+ APR)

Available Pools:






Farming Entry: 1500 ALM

Farming Distribution:

10% off Harvest — withdrawable instantly

90% off Harvest go directly into Strong Holders Pools (also withdrawable instantly, check the terms in the next Segment)

Strong Holders Pools

To prevent the Farm&Dump, which many projects and communities experience after the Farming Campaigns, we decided to introduce the Smart Farming Pools to Reward the Strong Holders at the expense of Flippers.

Strong Holders Pools are available to both Farmers and ALM holders who didn’t participate in Farming.

After you Harvest the Farmed ALMs, 90% of ALM go straight into Strong Holders’ Pools of 100 participants each.

When the Pool s formed, the game begins. The first users withdraw some of their tokens, which will be rewarded to Diamond Hands, who withdraw the Last.

Strong Holders’ Pools are an excellent opportunity to Earn more ALM for those here for the long run. In addition, the top 7 Holders of each Pool will get a NFT asset, including Characters, Land and Gear. With one NFT asset being randomly awarded to one of the Top 50 Holders of each Pool.

What’s Next?

Don’t be too quick with selling your ALMs. The and ALM Staking are coming!

Cyber City will introduce a new game token CYBR, with very close ties to ALM.

CYBR supply is only 3% preminted, and 97% will be minted through ALM Staking Program.

By Staking your ALM, you will receive NFT Assets for the Game, as well as a portion of 50% of all the CYBR Emissions.

Another 50% of CYBR Emissions will be evenly Distributed between all the Land NFT Owners in Cyber City.

CYBR Tokenomics is aimed to Protect Users and Players from Dumps, so there will be a 5% commission of any DEX operation with CYBR, 2.5% will be Burned, and 2.5% distributed between Land Owners.

Any Purchase in Game using CYBR will burn the CYBR tokens, further decreasing the Circulating Supply.

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