Alium Public Token Sale Started!

Price Per Token : 0.322$

Vesting: 15% Unlocked on 28th of May
15% Each month starting with 28th of July

ALM tokens are sold as Bundles in Form of NFTs

Slots (NFTs) Available:

310 ALM (100$)
1553 ALM (500$)
3106 ALM (1000$)
7764 ALM (2500$)
15529 ALM (5000$)

How to buy ALM :

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Check your Wallet with a Whitelist Bot @wlcheckbot
  3. Go to
  4. Purchase the Token Bundle NFT
  5. Claim your first ALM using your NFT at our Platform before the Listing on the 28th of May

Video Guide

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