Alium NFT Marketplace Collaboration with Synctuition

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We are pleased to announce our upcoming Collaboration between Alium NFT Marketplace and Europe’s largest mindfulness app, Synctuition!

The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed the world. It impacted our livelihoods and changed how we work, learn, interact with each other, and think about health. As a result, we stayed home, switched to a “new normal,” and tried to carry on with our lives. Yet, many of us struggled (or continue struggling) with loneliness, stress, anxiety, and depression. Luckily, we human beings are amazing. We can adapt to dire circumstances and thrive. That’s why, in the middle of the pandemic, we decided to create a unique collaboration between Alium Art NFT Marketplace and Synctuition to bring the world a much-needed tool for reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

Synctuition’s MindSpa & Meditation App is available on Play Store and Appstore and to date has over 5 million downloads. With ten years of Development and a Revolutionary Meditation Product, Synctuition won CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Award in 2021 and became the Network Product Guide Gold IT World Awards Holder in 2020.

The Synctuition app continues on its quest of innovating and developing a cutting-edge meditation tool to improve mental health. Today, we’d like to announce that through the Alium NFT Marketplace, Synctuition will release the world’s first 3D audio soundscape designed to improve mental health. In addition, Synctuition will become the first meditation App to offer a uniquely crafted mindfulness audio journey as an NFT.

We are happy to have Synctuition on board! Synctuition’s unique approach to Development will bring something brand new into the NFT Market with the help of our Alium NFT Marketplace.

With Alium’s experience in launching next-generation NFT products and Synctuition’s mission to improve the world for the better, we believe that this collaboration will be a step forward for NFT Market and Development. More details will be revealed soon, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this truly unique event!

About Synctuition

Synctuition is an Estonian-born startup offering a unique relaxation experience technology. Using the incredible power of 3D sound, Synctuition goes far beyond meditative relaxation, providing an immersive mind travel experience that cannot be compared to any other audio meditation in the world.


Twitter: @synctuition

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About Alium Finance

Alium Finance is a MultiChain DeFi ecosystem with an ambitious roadmap of CrossChain DeFi and NFT products.

Our Products include Alium Swap MultiChain DEX and Alium Art, a MultiChain NFT Marketplace.

About Alium Art

Alium Art is a MultiChain NFT Marketplace that will first be available on Binance Smart Chain, with more Blockchains coming in the future. Developed by the team of NFT veterans in collaboration with prominent NFT Artists — Alium Art strives to deliver a user-friendly interface and low commissions for Artists and Collectors.

A custom-built Private Blockchain protects our User Privacy based on Stellar. In addition to Galleries, Collections, and Drops, we have many new cool features coming in the future. Stay tuned for the Big News!

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