Alium Launch Internal Investigation Report

We spent a week investigating the issues that led to the Launch of the ALM token trade on PancakeSwap on the 28th of May.

In addition to the obvious reasons for ALM underperformance, such as Market conditions and weak buying pressure due to the Crypto Market price fall during the 28th of May, we found a few factors responsible for this.

Early listing and Sniper Bot

Due to the failure on the side of our Listing Partner, which assured us that the listing would happen at precisely 14:00 UTC, the listing happened at 13:46 and was immediately targeted by a Sniper bot, buying enough coins to drive the price up in a single transaction. When the community noticed the sudden price hike and the subsequent failure of the price before the listing was supposed to happen — the negative attitude created by it drove the price even lower.

Frontrunning bots

Due to very low liquidity at the start of the sales, all the trades done with high Slippage were targeted by Front Runner bots, which plague Pancake Swap’s low liquidity pairs, which further discouraged the traders from engaging in the buying / selling the tokens.

What was done about this

1. To Demonstrate that there was no selloff by the team, we will publish the team wallets and hired an external third-party auditor — Hacken, to conduct their independent investigation, the results of which will be added here as soon as they provide us with a report.
2. We investigated the Claims about “Team Selling” and “Private Investors Dumping” and found no evidence that this happened.
3. To fight the effects of Frontrunning Bots, we started adding more and more liquidity to the trading pair to make these bots less effective. We also advise our community to put low Slippage and higher Gas Fee when conducting trades.

As the Development of the project continues and the price has started to recover — we want to thank our community for continuous support. We are working hard to increase our Token value by Developing new Products, Bringing in more Community and Partnerships.

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