Alium Initial NFT Offering / Public Token Sale

Here is a complete guide on how to get some ALM tokens at Alium Public Token Sale

Initial NFT Offering

Alium Finance is pioneering a new Tokensale Mechanic called Initial NFT Offering

It consists of Two Parts
1. Purchasing an NFT with an Inbuilt number of ALM Tokens
2. Claiming ALM Tokens using Alium Finance Platform

Today I will tell you more about Purchasing the NFTs

Main Info

When: 19th of May — 12 p.m. UTC


How to Participate:

1. Please fill in before 19th of May 7 a.m. UTC

2. Prepare a BEP20 Wallet with USDT or BUSD BEP20 tokens and BNB for commissions

3. Go to at the 19th of May — 12 p.m. UTC

4. Select 1 to 5 NFTs (1 per each type)

5. Buy NFTs

Minimum Purchase: 100$
Maximum Purchase: 9100$
Vesting Schedule: 15% unlocked at Listing (21st of May) and 15% each month starting with July 21st

The NFTs

There are Five Types of NFTs you can buy

Legendary Illustris

200 Available
5000 BUSD Price
15529 ALM

Epic Castus

300 Available
2500 BUSD Price
7764 ALM

Rare Altum

750 Available
1000 BUSD Price
3106 ALM

Uncommon Regno

900 Available
500 BUSD Price
1553 ALM

Common Necessee

1100 Available
100 BUSD Price
310 ALM

You will be able to purchase 1 NFT per 1 type, up to 5 different NFTs in total. Every card will be purchased as a separate transaction.

Video Guide

Claiming Your ALM Tokens

Information on Claiming ALM Tokens using your NFT will be posted Later. You will be able to Claim your first ALM Tokens before 21st of May — 2 p.m. UTC

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