Alium Finance Releases Native Exchange Mobile Wallet For Android

Alium.Finance is delighted to announce the launch of its fully functional mobile wallet designed for the native decentralized exchange. The new application is available for all Android users, providing both extensive functionality and convenience.

The first mobile DEX application provides support for 4 blockchain protocols — Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi Ecochain. The full functionality of the desktop version of the Alium.Finance Dapp is retained in the mobile application, ensuring a seamless and wholesome user experience.

The Android version of the mobile app has already been released and is available in Google Play. The development team plans to release the iOS version of the app over the next 2 weeks to ensure greater user reach.

The current functionality of the mobile application includes a number of features essential for effective trading, such as token swaps, liquidity provision, liquidity farming, advanced and dynamic market metrics analytics, liquidity migration, and much more. The staking function will be introduced later with a separate upgrade.

The Alium.Finance development team is working hard on improving the existing application and releasing new products and services to become the best DEX on the market. Many important announcements will be released in the near future, such as the introduction of the staking function. The team is also working on an NFT game that will increase the utility of the ALM token. The new game will boost the influx of a new segment of users and help the entire Alium ecosystem grow and scale.

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