Alium Finance Public Sale and Pancake Listing Extended to 2 pm UTC 28th of May

Dear community

We’ve listened to your feedback relating to the most recent Market Situation and Spoke with our Partners and Investors, and decided to Move the Listing day and the End of Public Sale to 2 pm UTC 28th of May.

It was a hard decision to make, but preserving the Value of our Token and securing the future of our Project is our Top Priority. And getting listed in today’s market conditions hinders the Smooth Growth and Development.

1. Launchpool AME event was successfully Closed, raising 100 000$

2. A2DAO IDO was successfully Closed, raising 200 000$

3. BSCPAD IDO was successfully Closed, raising 445 000$

4. Even though the market is looking bearish, our Technology and Product will prevail. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bull or Bear; the CrossChain Bridges we are building will serve the Crypto Community, bringing our Project more users, partners, and prosperity.

And don’t forget to participate in the Alium Finance Token Sale

Here is text and video instructions on how to do it

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