Alium Exchange Introduces New Vampirism Function

Alium.Finance is delighted to announce that it is launching a new feature on the exchange. Vampirism, or Liquidity Migration, will be made available to users in late July to early August, before the start of the ALM token farming period.

Liquidity migration is a process that allows users to transfer their liquidity from one blockchain to another, utilizing the most profitable rates on offer across various protocols and exchanges. The introduction of the given function on the Alium exchange is needed to allow users to easily transfer their liquidity from other DEXs to Alium for farming ALM tokens with a greater degree of convenience and profitability.

The Sushiswap protocol was the first to implement the liquidity migration function, which has allowed the platform to attain a high degree of popularity. The Sushiswap protocol has largely leveraged the benefits of its liquidity migration function to attain one of the highest TVLs on the market in a short period of time.

The blockchains that will be accessed via the liquidity migration function on AliumSwap exchange will include the following, along with the supported exchanges:

  • On Ethereum protocol following exchanges will be available for liquidity migration: Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, Sushiswap, 1inch network, Curve, DODO;
  • On Binance Smart Chain: Pancake, Bakeryswap, Biswap, MDEX, Pancakebunny, Rabbit finance, Pantherswap, Autoshark, Apeswap, Cashcow finance;
  • On Polygon network: Quickswap, Honeyswap, Firebird Finance, Dfyn Network, Polycat finance, Polyyeld, Kogefarm;
  • On HECO: MDEX.

The Alium.Finance development team is also in the final stages of finalizing the concept of Smart Farming, which will become a key stage in the development of the project. More information about the pools that will be available for farming and the conditions for participation will be made available soon in a dedicated announcement.

At present, the development team is confident that the launch of the liquidity migration function on Alium exchange will allow users to take advantage of the highest fees across various blockchains and seamlessly transfer their assets at will.

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DeFi and NFT Ecosystem with AliumSwap Decentralized AMM Exchange with multi-blockchain option and NFT’s #blockchain #NFT #DeFi #cryptocurrency

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DeFi and NFT Ecosystem with AliumSwap Decentralized AMM Exchange with multi-blockchain option and NFT’s #blockchain #NFT #DeFi #cryptocurrency

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