Alium.Finance is delighted to announce the integration of AliumSwap DEX with the Polygon network.

The integration can significantly expand the project’s user base and is an important milestone. The given integration will give users of Alium.Finance access to the liquidity of different blockchain protocols. It will provide more flexible opportunities…

We are happy to announce the launch of the 1st Wave of ALM Farming Campaign and the Start of Strong Holders’ Pools!

Tokens Available for Farming: 5 000 000 ALM

Farming Entry: 1500 ALM

3 Stages:

1st Stage: 15 Days — Highest Rewards (150%+ APR)

2nd Stage: 10 Days — Medium Rewards (131%+ APR)

3rd Stage: 9 Days — Basic Rewards (40%+ APR)

Available Pools:






Farming Distribution:

10% off Harvest — withdrawable instantly

90% off Harvest go directly into Strong Holders Pools (also…

The Alium development team is delighted to announce that the vampiring function has been introduced on the platform and is available starting from the 29th of July.

Liquidity migration, or vampiring, is a process that allows users to transfer their liquidity from one exchange to another within the same chain…

The Alium project’s development team is continuing to work on improving the functions and features of the platform. A number of important updates have been introduced recently, which will be detailed further.

First — an important announcement. On July 26th, the marketplace will be inaccessible from 15:00 to 18:00 UTC…


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